Means Of Transport In The World

Transport is the movement of people, animals or goods from one place to another. Means or modes of transport stand for methods in which transport is carried out. Transport can be either by air, land or water. On land transport is limited to special tracks called roads and rails. There is no such barrier found once on water or air. Several other alternative methods of transport such as those using cables, pipelines or transport also exist. Transport can also be divided in to two groups as animal powered or human powered. Given below are four main means of transportation according to the medium of transport.
Transport in air
Also called as aviation, transport in air is conducted by the use of aero planes and jets. The presence of a geometrically significant shape and the wing structure facilitates this vehicle to be lifted easily on air. Aero planes are considered the second fastest vehicles in the world. The first fastest are the spaceships. Commercial jets can reach an astounding speed of 995 kilometers per hour while piston powered general aviation air crafts reach speeds of 555 kilometers per hour.
Land transport
As mentioned before, land transport is either on roads or tracks called railways. Roads are easily identifiable tracks which are specially designed for vehicles to travel. Cars, vans, buses, bicycles, automobiles etc. can travel in roads. Most vehicles are owned by people while some like wedding limo are hired and travel busses can be hired for their personal purposes. Railway transport is a means of transporting passengers and goods by means of a wheeled vehicle on a railway track.  
Water transport
Transport methods in which water is used as the medium is called water transport. Any water body like rivers, canals, lakes, seas or oceans can be used as the medium. Water crafts such as ships, boats and ferries can be sited as some examples. These means of transportation are usually build to enable the vessel to float on water and are waterproof.  Like wedding limos, some boats can be rented if wanted.
Other means
Pipeline transport is a modern method of transporting liquids and gases. These fluids are sent from one place to another through a system of pipes, either as free forms or in capsules. Animal transport is also still prevalent in some developing countries. Using cables and space traveling techniques are also examples for other means of transport
Transport has made our lives easy. Let us try to make the maximum use of it without damaging the environment around us.